GCIED is an environment where young minds interested in the fields of innovation and administration collaborate. It provides opportunities for budding startups to explore the business world and also advocates the thought that success comes only by venturing beyond the set boundaries. Although we provide exceptional resources to make a dynamic work habitat, we also aim to build a closely knit community which believes in adopting a logical approach to solve real-world problems. We un-complicate the complex processes involved in initiating a startup; one may walk into our workspace and become an employer in a matter of minutes!


GCIED prefers to be an ecosystem that favors sustainable startups where ideas result in the making of a wholesome market product. We hope to bridge the gap between the people and the problems they face. At GCIED, every startup acts as a mentor to one another and this process creates a favorable learning arena. We believe that a business can only be sustainable when it receives recognition and it also strives to create innovative forums for the product. Our fundamental goal is to establish the fact that entrepreneurship is an actual career path and has the ability to make one successful and achieve excellence.
VISION: To be established as a territory to ignite young brains.


GCIED has developed contacts with several affluent individuals who provide capital for start-ups, usually in exchange for convertible debt or ownership equity. GCIED connects its incubatees with Angel Investors as well as the GITAM Deemed to be university administration to assimilate the funds effectively.


iTAAP: Information Technology Association of Andhra Pradesh (iTAAP) is the industry association for the IT, BPM and Electronics sectors in Andhra Pradesh. A not-for-profit organization funded by the industry, its objective is to foster growth and sustainable development of Information Technology (IT), IT Enabled Services and Electronics Industry in the state of Andhra Pradesh by working closely with the industry and the government.


Incubatees can hire student interns and also get access to manpower from GCIED's network.


Software Technology Parks of India was established and registered as an Autonomous Society under the Societies Registration Act 1860, under the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, Government of India on 5th June 1991 with an objective to implement STP Scheme, set-up and manage infrastructure facilities and provide other services like technology assessment and professional training.




A platform offering marketing opportunities to students with stipend.


Loop reality

A smart shoe that aids the visually imapaired by identifying physical parameters and real world obstacles. challenged people.



A smart shoe that aids the visually imapaired by identifying physical parameters and real world obstacles. challenged people.



Supplies healty produce rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals to reduce health issues and malnutrition.

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