Something unprecendented is coming

Who are we?

GCIED is an ecosystem where young minds driven by innovation and administration thrive. Here, budding young startups get to explore the vast entrepreneurial world. We also aim to build a closely knit community which adopts a logical approach to solve real world problems with "out-of-the-box" methods. We simplify the complications to bring a startup into existence so that you can work on your idea without any of the struggle!

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Josh Talks

Josh Talks is a robust media platform that covers a wide array of subjects with speakers from every conceivable background, including entrepreneurship, public policy, sports, entertainment and social initiatives.


Panel Discussion

The Panel Discussion would be a featured part of the week - this event would consist of high-profile CEO’s and founders of major established startups. They will reflect and share their views on the theme of the event — "How to Startup 101".


Mock Stock

The Mock Stock event will be a virtual simulation of the how real-world stock market works - this event will help the participants understand the intricacies involved in investing in shares, how stocks work and what are the risks and rewards of investing.


Entertainment Evening

On the last day, there would be an entertainment evening for the participants which would include a featured performance from an emerging band as well as a popular stand-up comedian.


GITAM Monopoly

Your favourite childhood board game now comes to life. Experience the fun and unpredictable nature of monopoly as GCIED brings the game to you during the Entrepreneurship Awareness Week.


Treasure Hunt

Since the days of pirates and even before them, seeking treasure has been humankind’s greatest pursuit, take a trip down the memory lane and trace the clues before the other teams to hunt down the grand prize!


The Blindfold Challenge

A game in which the team’s coordination and understanding will be assessed to its limits, the blindfold challenge is a two-player game which promises to be test your skills as a coherent duo.


Ten minute Start Up

Have you ever heard of a startup born in under ten minutes? Prepare to be delightfully surprised! Participants will need to sell objects to their customers and whoever sells the best will be the winner, pure and simple.


Who's the Killer?

A classic role playing game, this will involve a mystery element as each of the characters attempts to discover the dreaded killer amongst them.



Do you feel that you know enough? Think again! We are here to introduce you to something you might not even know existed. Be a part of the Entrepreneurship quiz and show the world you're ready for what they throw at you.